7 Free DAWs To Create Music


Garageband is well-known for introducing many musicians to recording. But despite its reputation as a beginner app it’s still surprisingly effective for making music.

Tracktion Waveform Free

Tracktion Waveform Free is an impressive fully functional freeware DAW.

Unlike some of the other DAWs on this list it has no limitations to track count or simultaneous recording.

Ableton Live Lite

Ableton Live Lite is the stripped down version of Live that Ableton provides bundled with popular software and hardware packages.

Many audio interfaces, MIDI controllers, plugins and even iOS apps offer a license for Live Lite.


Audacity is the original free DAW. It’s an open source multi-track audio editor and recorder that works on many different operating systems.

Pro Tools First

Pro Tools First is the introductory edition of the industry standard DAW Pro Tools.

It includes many of the powerful features that make Pro Tools the DAW of choice for professional studios all over the world.

Steinberg Cubase LE

Cubase was one of the first digital sequencing apps and it’s been a popular DAW choice for decades. Cubase LE brings the best of that legacy to free users with only a few limitations.


Soundbridge is another excellent choice for a full-featured free DAW. It contains all the important key features of a pro DAW but makes them as simple and easy to use as possible.