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We create truly unique, exclusive and experimental sounds for producers, Djs, music studios and composers worldwide. With focus on quality and usability, we provide tools to inspire your OWN sound. As an experienced partner we help you flesh out ideas or just navigate through the production process, so you don’t have to bare-knuckle it. Success is measured in joy, attention and goosebumps!

Our sample packs and sound banks receive the highest reviews from our customers and we put customer satisfaction at the forefront of our business.


What Customers Say About Us

I rate you guys at the top of the sample game…You guys are to me the best secret to everybody for bass sounds.


I’m a huge fan of your packs, i think they are THE best produced in Loopcloud.


Thank you for this kind of customer service. Looking forward to checking out and buying more of your products in the future!


Thank you so much. They are so versatile in many ways. And drum loops taught me to make some really good percussion patterns. Much love gladly support you!


Hi,recently purchased pack from you very inspiring and I put this idea still learning the art but enjoying myself and the great packs you provide.


Thank you for these amazing and inspiring samples.


Love your sample packs, they are amazing. They mostly inspire me to push the boundaries of what I can do from sound design point of view as I’m musician at heart.


Firstly I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you’ve put in to your products…all of them [sample packs] are absolutely second to none for sample packs.templates in their more niche dark dubstep/bass genres. For someone who loves these styles it’s a blessing that such awesome content is available to use and try and learn from! 🙂


Hello I hope you guys are doing great! I recently purchased the Garage Chronicles pack and I am absolutely loving it!!!


I’ll come back for sure, Ghost Syndicate stuffs are always top quality ! Have a good day !


You guys make dope packs


Thanks a lot for everything you put on sale, the quality of sample packs is incredible!


Hey buddies! I hope you are well and safe. I use your samples a lot and I’d love to share my music with you.


I’m very new to drum and bass and these samples have really kickstarted my workflow. So I’ll definitely be coming back for more haha.


I mainly use your drum loops and one shots as they are amazing! I find them an endless source of inspiration and a great way of finding a vibe. Keep up the great work, and stay safe and well


Heck yeah! Thank you so much for doing this tutorial! I would love to see more of these! Also, thank you for providing more stem packs! I love using them to help me with arrangements! Much appreciated!