AMA With The Kount


Recently The Kount has held an AMA on his Instagram, sharing some of his production techniques, tips and tricks. We have chosen the most interesting questions and insights, as well as provided links to the gear and VSTs he uses.

Q: favorite instrument to play? (p.s big fan!!)
A: Double tambourine

Q: How much music theory do you really need to know to make dope music?
A: Understanding the basics is pretty helpful especially when collaborating so you can communicate more effectively. Overall I don’t know that much and I get by!

Q: Fav gear
A: All my rare percussion (this one especially)

Q: What is your favorite free or cheap plugin?
A: Softube saturation knob

Q: What mic do you use for recording your percussions??
A: WA – 47

Q: Was there a moment when you knew you were going to pursue music? If so what was it?
A: First time I played a beat in a bar and saw people vining

Q: What is your content strategy?
A: Be consistent and have fun

Q: Best vst?
A: Not using many but I like opx pro ii & pure synth platinum. Both kinda slept on

Q: big fan G, please whats on your mix bus ? what’s your formula 4 a clean mix . Blesssss
A: Pro q 3, softie saturation knob, vulf compressor, t racks clipper, Pro L 2

Q: 9-5 is crushing me rn. How’d you make the transition into making music full time?
A: Just took the plunge. Barely made enough to live the first year. Then the kits started taking off and things got a bit easier. Gotta hustle!!

Q: Why did you choose logic? And have you ever tried out any other DAW’S?
A: It’s just the first one I tried so I just stuck with it! I’ve tried lots I just like logic cause it’s so
familiar so I don’t have to think about computer stuff lol

Q: Favorite Juno preset?
A: 61 (piano) Sounds awesome as is and it’s a great starting point for bass and lead sounds

Q: do you think going to college for music is important?
A: I think music school actually gave me a solid head start for producing but not necessary if you’ve got the drive and you’ve eager to learn

Q: Big fan of ur new Lumatone. What’s ur favorite thing about it?
A: It tricks me into using voicings I wouldn’t think of on my keyboard

Q: Your thoughts on the Apex 210B ribbon mic( the blue one)! love the sound you get out of it
A: It’s stick I love doing one mic to the tape machine (thanks @marquee_sound)

Q: Is there any cool tricks you do at the end of your mixes | want to sound more like you lol
A: Try the preset “subgroup sorcery” on pro q 3

Q: Do you clean up/denoise your recordings, or is your room very quiet?
A: I add vinyl crackle to noisy recordings

Q: What are your go to’s for bus processing? I’m more interested in your drum bus processing.
A: No drum bus. Master bus thicc enough. Get t racks clipper and push it like 8db

Q: Favourite all around microphone for in the studio?
A: WA 47. It’s great for everything and the only mic I use 90% of the time

Q: any advice on staying confident as a producer?
A: Remember, you’re the best at being you. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else


About The Kount

Koal Harrison, also known as the Kount is a music producer working from Toronto. He is extremely passionate about his work and loves to collaborate with creative individuals. He takes advantage of technology to create remarkable works from scratch. His art is driven from the heart with joy and fun. Get ready for some polyrhythmic molasses!


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