What’s in the Pack

In this meditative library, we expose you to everything our other packs haven’t said, but have kept in mind.
That being: music also can (and must) be intimate.
If you’ve been scrolling through loads of sample collections, struggling to find something that truly resonates with the gentlest sides of your personality – we say struggle no more.
In AMBER, you’re faced with a versatile set of unique sonic materials: soft, cushioned drum shots, also coming as part of dreamy slow-paced grooves, all set to put you in the right mood;
The mellow, tranquil synth & key lines with enchanting chord progressions are certain to sweep your cares away; and, to keep it funky, you’ve got the off-beat melodic lines that will keep your listener focused on what matters.
All that, interspersed with experimental tape-flutter-y melodic loops & FX bits, make up a neat set of tools that is certain to help your music get deeper into the listener’s soul.

All loops and one shot samples are 100% royalty free, key and tempo labeled and available to download in 24 Bit Wav.

Product breakdown

Size 359 mb
BPM 60/75/80/90
Bass Loops 11
Drum Loops 20
Hat & Cymbal Loops 16
Top Loops 20
Percussion Loops 22
Kick & Snare Loops 20
Instrumental Loops 25
Synth Loops 32
Fx Loops 21
Claps 7
Cymbals 10
Kicks 20
Snares 13
Percussion Hits 30
Hats 19
Vox 10

Sample Previews

Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the full library.

Compatible with

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