Purchasing FAQ

We are using Gumroad as our main platform for storing and selling our digital products. Please read the information below.

Prices and Checkout

Prices are displayed in Pounds Sterling (£) and Euros (€), however you will be charged in US Dollars ($).

VAT, if applicable, will be added at checkout.
By clicking “BUY”, you will continue to the Gumroad checkout page where payment will be taken, and your order fulfilled by Gumroad, our trusted reseller, and Merchant of Record.

Do I need to have a Gumroad account to buy products?

Nope! We want things to be as simple as possible for you, so just pay for the product and be done with it. If you want to create an account after the purchase, in order to access your files, you can do that through the receipt you receive after paying.

Is Gumroad safe?


Our payment is secured by SSL with 128-bit encryption, and processed with PCI Compliant service providers


After a Successful Purchase

Enter a password?

After you’ve bought a product on Gumroad, you can enter a password to Sign up for a Gumroad account. Why would you do this? Because of the Gumroad Library. The Library allows you to access your product at any time by logging into Gumroad. If you are buying a subscription, you have to create a Gumroad account at the time of purchase.

From your Gumroad receipt, you can also easily repurchase a product, download the product, or open it in Gumroad iPhone app or Android app.

If you choose to create an account, why not follow the creator of this purchase to find out when they create new products?

Accessing your purchase

Most products on Gumroad can be downloaded immediately after your purchase has completed onto a desktop or laptop. In these cases, you would simply click Download or View/Listen/Read/Watch on your receipt to enjoy your product. If your product is not immediately accessible, you will have to for your Email Receipt.

Every Gumroad receipt has a button or link that, when clicked, will send you to a download page for your product. You should go to this link on your desktop or laptop, as mobile browsers are not built for large downloads.

If you don’t see a receipt your email inbox, check your spam box as it may have been filtered incorrectly.

If you do not have a Gumroad account, as long as you keep your Gumroad receipt, with its download link, you will be able to access your file at any time. One last time for good measure – We recommend not trying to download directly to a mobile device. Mobile browsers are not built for downloads yet. Download to a laptop or desktop and sync to your device accordingly.