Dubstep Bundle

Dubstep Bundle

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Ghost Syndicate is happy to roll out a truly heavyweight load of sonic tools: the Bundle series.

It’s about time your search for a perfect sound collection came to an end, because the Dubstep bundle encompasses the hottest and the best-selling sample packs we’ve made – all at a sweet discount.

What’s in the Pack

Shinigami - Dubstep Sample Pack

SHINIGAMI // Dubstep Sample Pack

Enter SHINIGAMI – the finest authentic Dubstep vibes multiplied by the unmistakable polished production: razor-sharp beats with serrated crickety hats & shuffling tops, gut-punching subs and trippy growling mids, spine-chilling atmospheres and foreboding synths, a selection of custom musical licks with a sleek Asian feel and, finally, an array of glitchy FX to keep the whole thing interesting.

Erebus - Dubstep Sample Pack

EREBUS // Dubstep Sample Pack

Inspired by the likes of Lamont, Biome and SWAMP 81 label, delivers a hefty dose of cranky heavyweight grooves resting upon syncopated garage-like beats.

Skulkin Dub - Dubstep Sample Pack

SKULKIN’ DUB // Dubstep Sample Pack

Boasting an extensive sonic palette, it is ideal for blending together the sly, the shady, and the lush, combining thickest authentic 140bpm grooves with a range of treacherous sounds made exclusively for this collection.

Kercha Artist Pack - Dubstep Sample Pack

KERCHA ARTIST PACK // Dubstep Sample Pack

Mighty new collection sporting the finest authentic Dubstep vibes multiplied by the unmistakable polished production.

Abyss - Dubstep Sample Pack

ABYSS // Dubstep Sample Pack

A thrilling journey into the depths of Deep Dubstep.

Dungeon Dub, Deep Dubstep, Ghost Syndicate, Sample Pack, Samples, 24bit WAV

DUNGEON DUB // Dubstep Sample Pack

An unsettling trip into the deepest corners of the underground bass music circling around 140 bpm. Creeping grooves, sinuous wobbles, and much, much more.