What’s in the Pack

Proudly as ever, we present IMPERIAL: a whacking load of grimiest sonic material aimed to fuel your production to the highest standards of the game.

Sqz Me’s immaculate style has been widely recognised by numerous labels worldwide – his grave and murky atmosphere has made its way to such imprints as Macabre Unit Digital (MUD), YUNG, Subconcentrate Recordings , Subquake Audio and more, gaining an ever-expanding army of admirers across the European continent and far beyond.

And we couldn’t be happier to have him contribute to our cause by chipping in the darkest, the deepest, and the grooviest, for your Grime & Dark Dubstep arsenal.

Inside IMPERIAL, you’re going to find everything the scene preaches: grave & murky atmospheres, noisy FX shots, arppeggiated and 8bit synth lines alongside wretched bass cuts, and of course, thudding & piercing rhythmic solutions to keep it all moving.

Don’t be afraid to get lost in this sonic dungeon, for all the samples are neatly organised & key-labeled.

Product breakdown

Size 618 mb
BPM 140
Pad Loops 12
Bass Loops 59
Drum Loops 22
Hat Loops 22
Top Loops 22
Percussion Loops 15
Kick & Snare/Clap Loops 22
Synth Loops 74
Fxs 18
Kicks 24
Snares/Claps 29
Bass One Shots 30
Synth One Shots 31
Percussion Hits 32
Hats 38
Gun Clicks 10
Ableton Live 10+ Drum Rack
Ableton Live 9 808 Bass Sampler Rack
Ableton Live 9 FX Racks 9

Compatible with

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