Inertia - Retrowave Sample Pack


Retrowave Sample Pack

INERTIA by Loop Cult is a sample collection that isn’t easy to pin down genre-wise, but is just as easy to recognize for its dreary air and dark, viscous grooves.

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Sample Pack

Sample Pack
Ableton Live Template
Synthwave Bonus Pack

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Inertia Sample Pack
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Dark Electronica Ableton Live Template
Forever Sample Pack
Future Sample Pack

What’s in the Pack

Inspired by the sound of Lorn, it is nicely fit for making various styles of the Dark Electronica spectrum, and offers a rich option for pretty much anything you might need in crafting those:

• Beat loops and one-shots varying in tempo, groove, and character: from straightforward and house-like to creeping and sluggish
• Heaps of percussive & top layers with hats, cymbals, and midrange bit all meant for a dense and wholesome groove
• Heavily distorted bass hits & licks of all kinds: acidic and wobbly, stabbing and piercing, as well as long and reese-like ones
• Analogue-driven synthetic loops: gloomy chords, murky pads & atmos, as well as disturbing single licks & FX hits, all perfect for creating dense cinematic soundscapes.

Product breakdown

Size 658 mb
BPM 80-160
Drum Loops (inc. variations) 20
Processed Drum Loops 14
Percussion Loops 7
Top Loops (inc. variations) 18
Claps 8
Cymbals 3
Hats 17
Kicks 22
Open Hihats 13
Percussion Hits 39
Snares 21
Atmo Loops 23
Bass Loops 22
Music Stack Loops 33
Synth Loops 44
Downlifter Fx Loops 10
Impact Fx Loops 14
Misc Fx Loops 17
Riser Fx Loops 14
Bonus ‘Future’ Sample Pack
Bonus Ableton Live 10 Project File
Bonus Ableton Live 10 16 Pad Rack for finger drumming
Bonus Ableton Live 10 Bass
Bonus Ableton Live 10 Keys
Bonus Ableton Live 10 Lead
Bonus Ableton Live 10 Synth
Bonus MIDI Files
Bonus 22 Samples

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Future - Synthwave Sample Pack

‘Future’ Synthwave Sample Pack

FUTURE contains all ingredients needed for making a full-on Synthwave anthem from scratch:

Rolling drums with the unmistakeable booming reverb, crunchy percussion bits and groovy drum fills, deep and chunky melodic basslines, and of course, lush synth and flashing neon FX.

Ableton Live 10 template

Bonus Samples

MIDI Files

Ableton Live Instruments

Ableton Live 10 Bass

Ableton Live 10 Keys

Ableton Live 10 Lead

Ableton Live 10 Synth

16 Pad Ableton Live 10 Drum Rack

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