Ghost Syndicate has teamed up with Kercha to bring you 10 Free Bass Racks for Ableton Live. Built upon Ableton’s powerful native instruments Operator and Wavetable, Kercha has created extreme and experimental tools, that can be easily controlled with preassigned macros. 

If you are on Logic, Cubase or any other DAW, you are welcome to use rendered WAV samples from the pack.

Download 10 free Ableton Bass Racks and WAV samples suitable for Dubstep, Drum & Bass and any other styles of Bass Music


What’s in the Pack

Product breakdown

Ableton Live Racks 10
Resampled Basses 10
Works with Ableton Live 10+

Samples compatible with

Meet Kercha

Kercha is a Dubstep and Bass Music producer based in Russian town Krasnodar.

Depth, warmth and clarity describes his style the best, be it a 140 bpm banger or an experimental hip hop symphony from his another project PLLFRY.

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Listen to his latest ‘Ghetto Jazz’ EP

Download ‘Ghetto Jazz’ EP for free:

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