Dubstep Bundle by Loop Cult

Dubstep Bundle

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What’s in the Pack

Raijin - Dubstep Sample Pack

RAIJIN // Dubstep Sample Pack

Inspired by the deep spartan sound of Alix Perez, ‘Raijin’ will let you put together unrelenting grooves right in the box, thanks to its hands-on ready-to-use loops and one-shots that will find their way deep into your listener’s very essence.

Eos - Dubstep Sample Pack

EOS // Dubstep Sample Pack

Loop Cult presents EOS: a new chapter in the never-ending epic of Dubstep and its disciples.

This time around sporting a distinct oriental twist, this sample pack is set to kill two birds with one stone: blow the floor to bits with hard-hitting drops, and make you muse in awe at the lush & elegant sonic tapestries, quite unlike anything you’ve heard before.

Toxin - Dubstep Sample Library

TOXIN // Dubstep Sample Pack

Expect to be able to craft insane 140bpm floor-shakers with the help of the over-the-top drum loops & chops, booming subs & searing synthetic mids and spine-chilling frenetic synth & song starter loops set to inject some wicked colours into your grooves, as well as a splatter of frenzied FX bits to keep the whole mixture interesting.

Helix - Riddim Dubstep Sample Pack

HELIX // Riddim Sample Pack

With over 250 neck-breaking samples, you’ll soon be making the heaviest, most wonky riddim tracks that everyone will bang their heads to.

LION Dubstep Sample Pack

LION // Dubstep Sample Pack

‘Lion’ contains the perfect tools for filling out deep, spacious heavy hitters and more straight forward bangers alike. Keeping it real at steady 140 bpm, ‘Lion’ comes with roaring bass grooves and slamming drums designed to provide a competitive edge.

Panther Dubstep Sample Pack

PANTHER // Dubstep Drum Kit

Loop Cult is proud to present ‘PANTHER – Deep Dubstep Tool Kit’ – an essential collection of drums, bass sounds and Ableton Live 10 Racks. Bass and Drums are the main thing you need to consider, before releasing your next monster. But don’t worry, we got you covered here: ’Panther’ comes with slamming kicks and snares, sharp hats, fx tools and deep basses.

Disrupt - Free Dubstep Sample Pack

DISRUPT // Dubstep Sample Pack

Meet ‘Disrupt’ Dubstep Sample Pack, yet another upshot of Loop Cult’s tireless sample smithy – enabling you to cause some severe disruption in the minds of your audiences.

LCT006 – Dubstep Ableton Live Template

LCT002 – Dubstep Ableton Live Template