Max For Live Devices You Need Right Now

Volume Buddy

Never before has there been an LUFS gain matching utility within one plugin. Volume Buddy automatically routes the pre and post FX audio inside one instance allowing you to work quickly without losing any accuracy.

GMAudio Clipper

Want louder, cleaner mixes? Not sure what’s eating up all your headroom? You need a signal clipper tailored to mixing electronic music… and GMaudio Clipper is exactly that!

Swiss Army Meter

Swiss Army Meter is an all-in-one metering device for use in Ableton Live.


A simple, free, ready-to-go wavescope made with MaxForLive. You can visualize 2 different inputs simultaneously on top of each other.

Scope Eleven

A simple scope visualizer created with the new live.scope object.

Multiband Sender

A Max For Live multichannel signal routing device for Ableton Live 10. For unimaginable sound design and room/atmosphere building.


BlastHard is here, simple, elegant, effective, an essential mixing tool. Yes you need, clever, hard-clipping!

Multiband Overdrive

It is a simple 3 band overdrive. It gives a control over each band: drive factor, dry/wet (called intensity) and global dry/wet. You can also specify your own crossover frequencies and output “make-up gain”.