Maze - Retrowave Sample Pack


Retrowave Sample Pack

MAZE is a new collection of grim sonics proudly wearing its Dark Electronica inspiration upon its sleeve, and yet remaining entirely a thing of its own, standing apart from anything else the scene has to offer.

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MAZE Sample Pack

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Maze Sample Pack
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What’s in the Pack

Spanning a variety of styles and tempos, MAZE embodies an extensive range of sounds aimed to breathe murky neon-lit mist into your tunes, making their sound unnervingly mysterious and full of flair; inspired by the clash between the technological age and the ever-drifting human soul, MAZE brings the two together, resulting in a cyborg-like mixture of moods and styles, ranging from dark and foreboding Bladerunner vibes to heavy-paced Industrial machine steps; and going even further, you’ve got the blissful and nostalgic side that never fails to remember its purely synthetic core.

This musical journey has been made possible thanks to the masterfully crafted sonic ingredients, including a diverse selection of drum sounds – from thick & focused to slow & tarry, from dry & punchy to heavily reverberated.

The low range is presented in floor-filling driven synthetic basses which also vary greatly in groove and character – from one-note drones to cascading arp-like passages; from clean and dry to harsh and distorted.

But all that would not have been complete without the real deal: the melodics.

And that’s where you really have to listen instead of read, you will be compelled by the selection of these synthwave pads, Cyberpunk glowing synths, colourful melodic plucks, spiralling arps, and so much more.

Make no mistake, every producer who ever delves into MAZE will find there something to take away, provided that they don’t get lost, of course.

Think you’re brave enough?

Product breakdown

Size 809 mb  
BPM 75-130
Full Drum Loops (incl. variations) 27
Drum Fx Loops 19
Hat Loops (incl. variations) 18
Claps 10
Cymbals 5
Hats 15
Kicks 16
Open Hats 6
Percussion 4
Snares 9
Bass Loops (incl. variations) 28
Bass One Shots 10
Melodic Loops (incl. variations) 70
Resampled Melodic Loops 21
Song Starters (incl. variations) 33
Synth One Shots 23
Fx Loops 7
Fx One Shots 27

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