Eos – Dubstep Sample Pack

By  Loop Cult Samples  Loop Cult Samples

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Loop Cult presents EOS: a new chapter in the never-ending epic of Dubstep and its disciples.

This time around sporting a distinct oriental twist, this sample pack is set to kill two birds with one stone: blow the floor to bits with hard-hitting drops, and make you muse in awe at the lush & elegant sonic tapestries, quite unlike anything you’ve heard before.

The former is made possible thanks to the trusty arsenal of Dubstep loops & hits, namely heavy synthetic kicks, metallic snares & fat shuffling percussion, all backed by punchy floor-filling subs and predatory mid basses, which will give your tunes a teeth-grinding edge.

And the latter is brought to you by nothing short of pure magic: enchanting flute-like ornaments, shimmering and spiralling, intertwined with plucked sitar-like chops, flowing into exotic textures conjuring visions of the arid Far-eastern deserts.

If you’re ready to embark on this hazardous journey across the desolate plains of imagination – then let EOS be your guide.

Product Breakdown

Size 696 mb
BPM 130-140
Full Drum Loops (incl. variations) 30
Drum Fx Loops 12
Hat Loops (incl. variations) 21
Top Loops (incl. variations) 28
Percussion Loops (incl. variations) 17
Claps 9
Cymbals 11
Drum Fills 8
Hats 38
Kicks 35
Open Hats 23
Percussion 25
Snares 36
Bass Loops (incl. variations) 43
Bass One Shots 32
Groove Loops 13
Synth Loops (incl. variations) 26
Synth One Shots 11
Fx Loops 28
Fx One Shots 14

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