Freefall – Vital Preset Pack

By  Loop Cult Samples  Loop Cult Samples

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Plunge into the sonic abyss with ‘FREEFALL’, a daring preset pack for the Vital VST instrument that defies gravity with its earth-shattering basses, ethereal pads, and skydiving plucks.

Tailor-made for the adrenaline-fueled realms of drum & bass and the vast universe of bass music, each preset in ‘FREEFALL’ is a leap into uncharted soundscapes.

From the heart-racing thrill of our bass presets to the free-floating serenity of our chords and keys, this pack is your parachute to sonic enlightenment.

Let ‘FREEFALL’ guide your productions as you dive headfirst into the depths of creativity!

* Please note: ensure you have the latest version of Vital before purchasing. This pack includes presets only. Other sounds heard within the demo track are for illustration purposes.

Product Breakdown

1 Vital Bank
25 Bass Presets
10 Chord Presets
Hi Hat Preset
2 Horn Presets
3 Keys Presets
Kick Preset
7 Lead Presets
6 Pad Presets
6 Pluck Presets
2 Riser Fx Presets
63 Rendered WAVs

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