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Ghost Syndicate presents Liquid Drum & Bass Bundle: our assortment of the best selling Liquid & Chill DNB sample packs we’ve made – all at a sweet discount.
From liquid to minimal halfstep to microfunk, this bundle has everything you need to kick-start your future banger.
Customise your sound from the ground up with Ableton Live drum racks.

Gear yourself up with huge Ghost Syndicate Bundle offer!

What’s Inside Liquid Drum & Bass Bundle?


NULIGHT brings a selection of rolling drums, thick basses, smooth synths, and cloudy pads – everything to inspire your next liquid drum and bass groove!



BLU delivers a stunning selection of liquid-inspired drum & bass samples featuring all the essential elements like rolling drums, warm Reese basses, atmospheric synths, and lush pads.



Taking influence from artists like Waeys, Monty, Lenzman and others, EVOLVE sample pack is loaded with all the key elements of modern liquid drum & bass sound: rolling drums, deep Reese basses, and lush pads.



Inspired by the lush deep sounds of microfunk, autonomic, and liquid, 4AM Drum & Bass combines analogue basses with rich polyphonic pads and rolling drum grooves to add a sense of warmth and hope into your next dreamy composition.



HEBE: a sample pack that will enrich your sonic palette dramatically, taking your Drum’n’Bass away from industrial wastelands and rundown squats to a more introspective field.



JOURNEY is a stunning sample collection meant for weaving hypnotizing atmospheric tapestries circling around 170bpm; now you have at your disposal a crisp set of sounds ideal for crafting Minimal DnB, Liquid Funk, and even Minimal Halfstep.


*Limited Time Offer. Please note that discounts are not applicable to this special offer.

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