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What’s in the Bundle

Dive into the cutting-edge realms of Halftime, Future Beats, and Hybrid Trap with this curated selection of six exceptional sample packs, meticulously crafted to inspire innovation and elevate your sound to new heights.

You can enjoy this exceptional bundle at a staggering 72% discount. That’s a limited-time offer designed to make top-tier production tools accessible to everyone.

The Halftime Bundle awaits, empowering you to redefine your sound and make music that resonates. Seize the moment and embark on a sonic adventure like never before.



INTERVAL features punchy, hard and clean drums, heavily distorted basslines and twisted dark melodies, as well as one shots that are ready to drag-n-drop into your track.



Built from unsparing drums, growling basses, cone-quivering subs and gritty synths, ‘Spectre’ makes a fine-tuned engine of sonic possibilities on the fringes of the underground beat scene and left-field bass music.



Grown in a world of twilight and standardisation, this beast of a sample library will go postal to destroy normality. Combining sonic experimentation on the brink of Hip Hop, Future Beats and Halftime Drum & Bass – AMOK delivers over 900MB of shuffled beats, wonky tops, twisted percy melodies, punchy kicks, slapping snares and saturated basslines. 10 Construction Kits will be your secret weapon to beat the writer’s block and get productive again.



Loop Cult is proud to announce WRAITH: a heavy-duty sonic collection aimed to wreak absolute havoc on any dancefloor, no questions asked.

Packed with 100% royalty free weaponry, it showcases the vilest sides of Trap, Dubstep, and Beats, offering a staggering 950 mb of pure sonic madness.



Blending drum & bass and the beats scene elements, HADES delivers crisp sound design with hard hitting drums, chest rattling basses, pluck-y synths, noisy FXs and more.



‘Vision’ sample pack blends futuristic sound of Trap, Future Beats and Dubstep, though keeping it slower at 130 BPM pace.

Loops and Samples work in any DAW
100% Royalty-free for use in your musical productions


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