Pivot – Drum & Bass Sample Pack

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“Unleash the full potential of your production with this Drum and Bass sample pack – an essential resource for any producer aiming to elevate their sound! Loaded with powerful drums, rumbling basslines, and innovative synths, it provides all the ingredients needed to create tracks that captivate and energize listeners with their raw intensity and creative edge” – Agressor Bunx

Embark on a thrilling sonic odyssey with “PIVOT,” the captivating Drum & Bass sample pack from Ghost Syndicate. Prepare to witness a musical revolution as you pivot your sound into uncharted territories, guided by the cutting-edge elements contained within this extraordinary collection.

Within the depths of “PIVOT,” a world of unparalleled quality and innovation awaits. Immerse yourself in the realm of modern drum & bass, where each meticulously crafted sound serves as a pivot point for your creative expression. Unlock the secrets of inspiration with bonus MIDI files, enabling you to forge your own path and breathe life into your compositions. Seamlessly integrate with Ableton Live using the custom drum rack, enhancing your sonic exploration.

Ghost Syndicate goes beyond the surface, equipping you with the tools to become the protagonist of your own musical destiny. With “PIVOT,” you can evolve your sound, embrace the future, and unleash your true artistic potential. Prepare to make waves in the drum & bass world with “PIVOT” by Ghost Syndicate.


Sample Previews
Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the full library.

Download Teaser Pack


Bonus Ableton Live Drum Rack

*Latest version of Ableton Live required

Product Breakdown

Bass Loops 25
Bass One Shots 54
Cymbals 17
Drum Loops 25
Ghost Snares 17
Hat Loops 25
Hats 36
Kicks 25
Melodic Combi Loops 25
Mixed Perc 25
Open Hats 11
Percussion 54
Snares 26
Kick & Snare Loops 25
Synth Loops 25
Synth One Shots 28
Top Loops 25
Bonus Drum Loops 15
Bonus Ableton Live Drum Rack
Bonus MIDI Files 25

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