Poundz – UK Drill Sample Pack

By  Loop Cult Samples  Loop Cult Samples

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POUNDZ by Loop Cult is a brand new UK Drill sample pack aimed to bring you the most sought after in modern hip-hop vibes: slick and filthy, vile and treacherous, corrupt and low-life.

Hop in, and be ready to work with dark and gloomy materials of the highest quality possible:

Raw and layered 808 beats, with cricket-y rolling hats and snares with ghost notes, panning tricks, and shuffling FX to keep the beats grooving; thick & punchy subs perfectly blending in with fat analogue mids, altogether making up a solid foundation for you thug life ballad.


Sample Previews
Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the full library.

The synth and music loops in POUNDZ are crafted with great care and passion, and therefore are a thing of beauty even on their own: dim, night-shrouded textures respiring with the decadence of big city corruption; vinyl-like depressing piano loops calling up visions of shady run-down neighbourhoods; blurry textures conveying the constant tension of living at the bottom, where there’s little hope that you can ever get out.

All that is seasoned with authentic FX hits and chops including gun click-clacks, gunshots, vocal snippets and a variety of dynamic FX, and altogether will ensure that your tracks will have the thickest vibes out there.


Ableton Live 10 templates
See ‘Poundz’ sample pack in action

Product Breakdown

Size 629 mb
BPM 140-150
Full Drum Loops (incl. variations) 25
Drum Fx Loops 11
Hat Loops (incl. variations) 21
Top Loops (incl. variations) 28
Drum Fills 15
Claps 12
Cymbals 11
Hats 18
Kicks 20
Open Hats 23
Percussion 20
Snares 14
808 Bass One Shots 13
Bass Loops (incl. variations) 24
Bell One Shots 8
Melody Loops 42
Resampled Melody Loops 15
Song Starters (incl. variations) 24
Synth One Shots 18
Fx One Shots 15
Vox Shots 12
Bonus 2 Ableton Live 10 Templates

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