Prism – Deep Dubstep Sample Pack

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PRISM by Ghost Syndicate is a fresh surge of authentic Dubstep vibes with a misty feel.

“When I listened to the demos of this pack I loved it! Jazzy, bass & brass goodness. For fans of Author/ Chord Marauders and Deep Heads. As i’m learning with the Ghost Syndicate packs there no fillers its all calculated and engineered to hit the spot. I have yet to give anything 10/10 but this pack would be 9.5. I especially like the textures of the drums in Prism.- they move away from the digital and into the more organic realm of Dubstep.” – Jack Sparrow

The pack sets off in a traditional 140 direction with classical bulky beats and fat basses, but takes an unexpected stroll off the beaten path into the unexplored realms of soft, analogue synths, murky harmonic textures, and reverb-heavy vocal chops.

Drawing upon the best of what the scene preaches, PRISM constitutes a solid and self-contained 800 mb library aimed to send you travelling across cosmic landscapes to the sounds of the good old swinging 140bpm beat.

You’ll meet everything necessary for best in-the-box production results, including a multitude of drum one-shots, full drum loops with variations, wobbly bass chops, both punchy subs and bright, memorable mids; shuffling tops and swinging percussion to keep the grooves interesting; an array of unique FX risers, fallers, chirps, lasers, and whatnot, to bring your own unique colours into your grooves; and of course the main folders this time will be Music and Synth Loops, where you’ll meet the frigid pads, hypnotic atmospheres, and minor-chord-driven synthetic licks.

All loops and one shot samples are 100% royalty free, key and tempo labeled and available to download in 24 Bit Wav.


Sample Previews
Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the full library.

Product Breakdown

Size 803 mb
BPM 135-140
Drum Loops 18
Fx Drum Loops 11
Hat Loops 18
Top Drum Loops 18
Cymbals 18
Hats 18
Kicks 20
Open Hihats 21
Percussion Hits 11
Snares 29
Fx One Shots 13
Fx Loops 11
Bass Loops 24
Bass One Shots 33
Music Loops 29
Synth Loops 47
Synth One Shots 83
Vox 20
Bonus Ableton Live 10 Drum Rack

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