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AMBER // Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Sample Pack

Sit back. Relax. Take a deep breath. Let go of your concerns. Exhale.
Ghost Syndicate welcomes you to a nice change of scene with AMBER: a brand new sample collection for creating Lo-Fi Hip-Hop and styles alike.
In this meditative library, we expose you to everything our other packs haven’t said, but have kept in mind.
That being: music also can (and must) be intimate.
If you’ve been scrolling through loads of sample collections, struggling to find something that truly resonates with the gentlest sides of your personality – we say struggle no more.
In AMBER, you’re faced with a versatile set of unique sonic materials: soft, cushioned drum shots, also coming as part of dreamy slow-paced grooves, all set to put you in the right mood;
The mellow, tranquil synth & key lines with enchanting chord progressions are certain to sweep your cares away; and, to keep it funky, you’ve got the off-beat melodic lines that will keep your listener focused on what matters.
All that, interspersed with experimental tape-flutter-y melodic loops & FX bits, make up a neat set of tools that is certain to help your music get deeper into the listener’s soul.



24 bit 44.1 KHz
359 mb
60/75/80/90 BPM


11 Bass Loops
20 Drum Loops
16 Hat & Cymbal Loops
20 Top Loops
22 Percussion Loops
20 Kick & Snare Loops
25 Instrumental Loops
32 Synth Loops
21 Fx Loops

One Shots

7 Claps
10 Cymbals
20 Kicks
13 Snares
30 Percussion Hits
19 Hats
10 Vox


All loops and one shot samples are 100% royalty free, key and tempo labeled and available to download in 24 Bit Wav.


Davide Carbone 8/10

Given the price I think this pack exceeds value for money expectations. If you are looking for lo-fi, spacey dreamy weird beautiful then this is it. Goes without saying the Instrumental loops are the goldmines here. Beautifully recorded, crafted and most importantly produced so they sound like not just played samples but glitched, reversed, chopped given you oodles of authentic flavour all the way through. Even the synth loops, the area which I dread the most when coming to sample packs are really unique here. They are washy, vinyly and lo fi. Doesn’t fill like any fillers in this pack and given the price its really cool. The drums are also excellent for those lo fi grooves and feel very smokey and scratchy making them an instant in in your productions. The FX loops are other worldly and they are tempo synced so you know exactly where and how they fit. plenty of other stuff too in this small, well priced and excellent sample pack. via Loopmasters



✓ 359 mb
✓ 296 Samples


* You will be charged in US dollars.

AMBER // Lo-Fi Hip-Hop

HEBE Melodic Loops
SHINOBI BEATS Drum Loops & One Shots
✓  708 mb
✓ 905 Samples


* You will be charged in US dollars.