Scorpio Track Contest

We want to hear what you’ve got

Winner: CrucifyMe - Rien

Scorpio Teaser Pack

In celebration of SCORPIO sample pack, we’re rolling out our first-ever contest featuring the Scorpio teaser pack. No matter your genre, we want to hear what you’ve got. Just a heads up: one entry per person and tracks need to be at least 1 minute 30 seconds.

Score big and you could snag a UAD Volt 1 audio interface, some slick Audio-Technica M50X headphones, and – wait for it – 10 sample packs of your choice!

When crafting your tune, let the SCORPIO teaser pack vibes shine through.

Start jamming: October 31st
Last day to drop your beats: November 27th 2023
We’ll shout out the winner on: December 5th 2023

Good vibes and good luck, everyone! Let’s have some fun with this!

How To Enter SCORPIO Track Contest

Step 1:

Download free SCORPIO Teaser Pack

Step 2:

Make your best track (any genre)

Step 3:

Submit your track by November 27th

Preview samples from SCORPIO Teaser Pack


Release Date November 16th

Explore the heart of drum & bass with “SCORPIO,” an arsenal crafted for jungle music devotees. Immerse yourself in the raw energy of carefully honed drum loops, each beat echoing the genre’s vibrant history. Let the thunderous basslines guide your compositions, while atmospheric samples and dark synths transport you to the core of jungle’s soul.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Participants should download the SCORPIO teaser pack.
  2. After creating their track, they should submit the link from SoundCloud via a Google form.
  3. All tracks that are correctly submitted will be reviewed in due course.

Yes you can, but the primary focus should be on the samples provided in the teaser pack.

We will choose the winner based upon overall creativity and quality of the track.

  1. Participants must use samples from the SCORPIO Teaser Pack or the full collection to enter the contest.
  2. The use of illegal or uncleared samples is prohibited.
  3. Entries should be named following the format: Artist Name – Track Name (SCORPIO Track Contest).
  4. Each participant can submit only one entry.
  5. The organizers reserve the right to disqualify any entry.

Entries for SCORPIO Track Contest